Support a Heart

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary people”

Be part of something bigger, support our amazing key workers at a time when they need it most by joining the Support a Heart campaign.


The NHS is drafting in 1000s of much needed key workers and volunteers to help and support the NHS during this pandemic.

Each one will need to be housed close to the hospitals and often these people are having to move out from their family homes as they have high risk relatives living with them.

Currently, many are paying for this accommodation themselves, leaving them out of pocket when they are only doing their duty by caring for people while wanting to protect their loved ones.

We believe that we can do more to help these amazing people and we are here to help!

If you would like to support by financing someone's stay, please email us at support@heretohelp.direct, and we will match you up with a request from a key worker. Similarly, if you are a key worker looking for a place to stay, please drop us a line with your requirements and your budget. We will try to match the rest with donations.



An accommodation provider that has empty properties and can provide accommodation for key workers, not to make profit but to help the cause by only covering costs during this time or offering free of charge. Please list your availability here.

Individuals or companies that will join our ‘Support a Heart’ campaign can help by donating towards the cost of a Key workers accommodation to thank them for their extraordinary efforts during this unprecedented time. Could you go the extra mile and support our key workers such as our wonderful Doctors and Nurses, by sponsoring or donating towards their accommodation costs?

We are all in this together and we are here to help!